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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my dad...fuck u

u hurt me through k-8 physically
u loosined up and not as much 6-8
and we moved to florida
and i didnt fit ur stupid standards
u said i had a demon in me
and that i couldnt follow ur rules
so u kicked me out
i live with my mom now
things were pretty good between us
distance wise but u just keep fuckin it up
or maybe ur right im the one who has the problem
and maybe i do have depression
but i blame it on u
u treat me like shit
like im a fuckin doll
u do the same to my brothers
u say u believe in god
u act like it but not towards us
i fuckin hate u
i still love u but not very strong
i could careless about u
just like u are with me
i dont think we will ever be close
u say let go of the past and all the stuff u did 2 me
but why? when u still threatin me with shit
i kno i make mistakes and im pretty fucked up with crap
but im not the only one
when ur ready to actually try and not blame it all on me
im here....i guess

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