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Sunday, June 20, 2010

i may be single on the outside....but im takin at heart

fuck relationships
i dont need one
yea i might want someone
to hold me
tell me everything is gonna be ok
love me for me
handle me at best or worse
but...i have friends for that
friends seem to stay longer than relationships
i love my friends, and always will
layla,becca,and timmy
love u three to death
u care bout me, and put up with my stupid ass
lol and u all have been with me through my moments of break down
different times but still
i cherish every moment with u guys
i hope i never loose either one of u
and even kevin my zombie psycho
even though i just kinda met u
u can make me laugh even when im soo pissed off
and wats funny is..u dont even kno it lol
i hope we grow closer...
i may be single on the outside...but im takin at heart
p.s. only negative.....i cant kiss any of u lol (well i dont think i can)

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