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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

there are different me' seems

im this person that layla sees
all sides...the real me
im this person near becca
super hyper,crazy,real me
but have my annoying hattin moments with
main friends
pain in ass, crazy and silly, sarcastic
this person with timmy
another side of me, nervous, and silly
with hyper moments
im this person with pple i hate
mean and really sarcastic and threating
im this person near my dad
fake and wanting to punch him
im this person with my mom
talkitive and a part of me
on the inside im
a hurt,pained girl
been through alot
i have my own inside on things
im a nice person and mean at times
im truthful
but is that really me?
or is there more cause im always different
with different pple
i dont mean to but it kinda seems to be that way
atleast i think it does?
maybe those all are me just in different ways

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