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Thursday, June 10, 2010 thought or maybe its feelings? who knos...

some seem as though everything is ok
even when it isnt even close
they hold it in until they cant take it any more
they are practicly choking themselves in their own thoughts
some just blurt all there problems out
they expect other people to deal with them
they cant deal with there own problems
some talk but keep most in
they dont like to completely cover up
why act like somethin your not
some keep it in, only everyone can see their hurting
they dont trust anyone really
and their scared to face the facts
some hurt so much and keep it in
that they end up hurting them selves at some point
because its easier to hurt the person they think is doing it all
than to take it out on others....
some only tell the people they trust
but everytime that happens either everyone knos
or they dont tell you their real opinion cause their scared
some act like they got it all under control
like they dont need anyone or maybe their scared
in the end...
really everyone one is hurting
really everyone keeps somethin in
really eveyone lies to them selves
really nobody will face the facts
really nobody can handle the truth
so...were all helpless people
all drowning in our sorrows,
"happyness", lies.......

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  1. it really sucks when it all comes out of the "people without problems" because somebody hears it and that person is scared they hurt somebodys feelings. :(